Celebrate Bonds

Love makes life beautiful. It’s why the bond you share with your pet is so meaningful. The stories you can tell of the quiet moments, the hilarious events, the warm nuzzles, the unconditional comfort and love… it’s all priceless and irreplaceable. It’s also why we exist. At our core, we are impassioned animal lovers who understand what these creatures bring to our lives. We understand how much this bond means to you. We celebrate and protect bonds. And we have set out to build a special kind of veterinary practice. Because when your pet looks into your eyes, they see a hero. We’ll help you care for them like one.

Innovative Medicine

We practice world class veterinary medicine here. But this is more than a veterinary hospital. This is a vision for what a veterinary practice can mean for you in your life. It’s a vision for protecting what really matters. It’s a belief in how we should treat people. It’s a focus on the story of love between you and your pet. And it’s a dedication to doing things the right way… whether they’re big things or little things.

Because whether you are happy or sad, healthy or sick, relaxed or stressed, your companion is always there for you. Now, we’ll help you be there for them so give us a call.

The Right Stuff

We believe that every single pet who walks through our doors deserves the kind of care we would want our own pets to receive. This is a higher standard of veterinary medicine. One that is constantly growing, evolving, refining, and improving. One that mixes technological innovation with the top professionals in the region. And it’s one that places you at the center of everything. Because we believe that better patient care first requires better communication. We work to understand the life you share with your pet, your questions, concerns, goals, and worries. And when you have the right people focusing on the right things, special things can happen for your pet’s healthcare.

Walk a Different Path

We do things differently here. Once you walk through our doors, there is a dedicated team waiting for you. And once you walk through those doors, you become their mission. Understand, educate, empower, and celebrate the bond you share with your pet… these team members find meaning in helping you live a better life with your beloved companion. We believe in creating a place of community, safety, and trust. So give us a call, and let us show you the path to a happier life.

Love Deserves The Best

Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital has always, always exceeded any expectation I could have ever had. The staff is so friendly and so caring. They are beyond helpful and answer any questions I have, and will let me know whether something actually warrants a visit or not. Even after moving out of the area, I still drive 45 minutes because I never want to go anywhere else. Through healthy visits and unfortunately sick visits and beyond they have been wonderful and caring, thoughtful and helpful.
Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital is so caring. We had to rush our fur-baby Noah here today and when we walked in before the door even closed behind us they sent us to the exam room. They understood our urgency and didnt waste any time. Thank goodness it wasn’t as bad as we thought. Everyone is so understanding and willing to hear your concerns. The staff truly care about their patients and go above and beyond!!
Fantastic crew! From our initial emergency call (me crying and not making much sense) all the way through our dog’s hospital stay, the entire staff was extremely friendly and compassionate. The veterinarians knew our dog’s case was extremely critical and they were able to save his life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The GVH team is kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable. We bring multiple pets there and each one has very specific, unique needs (and sometimes challenges). The doctors are very intentional about providing care tailored to each pet’s specific needs.


The compassion, caring, and kindness as well as the vets explaining our situation, from start to finish, even making their appointments and checking out when all was done. You can’t act that good, so we felt they all really cared!


I trust Gilbertsville vet to take care of my dogs, they have the best staff and the new office is modern and updated!!!

The Gilbertsville veterinary hospital is totally amazing!!! Extraordinary doctors, extraordinary and amazing staff and specialist!!! They treat you and all of your furry family, with care, kindness and most of all dignity!! I am proud to be a part of their Community!!. I highly recommend this facility!!!!!! I have been taking my loved ones there since the 1990’s!!!