Benefits of Adopting an Adult Cat

With an adult cat you can find the “purr”fect fit for your family. There are so many benefits to adopting an adult cat! Adult cats are individuals who do not require the constant supervision of a kitten. You can rest assure that your adult kitty most likely will not attempt to climb the curtain while you [...]

Private Cremation Options

If you elect to have a private cremation for your pet, did you know that you have a wide variety of options? There are many private cremation options to remember your pet in a beautiful way.  For no additional cost, your pets ashes can be returned to you in a cedar chest with a customized gold [...]

The K-9 Units of the Pottstown Police Department

Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital has the proud honor of providing care to the Pottstown Police Department’s K-9 units.  The Pottstown Police Department has three of them - Taz and his handler, Officer Jeff Portock, Kato and his handler Corporal Steve Hatfield, and Jak and his handler, Officer Peter Yambrick. Taz, a german shepherd mix, and his handler Officer Jeff Portock (seen [...]

National Hug Your Cat Day

  National Hug Your Cat Day - June 4th.  Find a kitty and celebrate!!! You maybe laughing at the idea of National Hug Your Cat Day, but do you know there are some important reasons to reach out and hug your cat. Research has found that hugging your feline friend is extremely effective at [...]

Tech Tip – Travel Checklist For Your Pet

  When preparing for a vacation or travel we often make "Checklists" for ourselves.  Here is a travel checklist for your pet : Crate - This gives your pet a safe place to retreat while on vacation Food, Water, and treats - Changing diets while on vacation can upset your pets stomach so remember to bring their own food. Food [...]

Traveling With Your Pets

Many of us have one goal in mind this summer....traveling with our family and pets on vacation! Whether it be a weekend getaway or a week at your favorite beach - taking our furry children calls for proper preparation. Regardless of how you are traveling to your desired destination, the first thing is to be sure that your [...]

Working Dogs Have a Job to Do (Part 2): The K-9 Unit – Police Dogs on Patrol

In Part 2 of our series, we are focusing on one of the highest skilled canines, the police dog. The police dog and his handler together make up a K-9 unit.  The majority of police dogs are German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers and Belgian Malinois.  The key attributes of successful police dogs are intelligence, aggression, strength, and sense of smell. Only [...]

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