Oh how we love our puppies!

To celebrate our puppies we decided to ask some of our colleagues about their puppies. Q1: Why did you choose the breed of dog you have?  Q2: What was the hardest part of having this breed of dog as a puppy? Dr. Hanlon and Diane, Business Manager, talk about Mary Grace “Gracie” and Gabriel (Alapaha [...]

“Lady” Lost since 11/13/2014

Pet Name: Lady Breed: German Shepherd Age: 1 year 9 months Gender: Female Coloring: Tan/ Black Microchip #: 985112001675545 Last seen corner of Horseshoe Drive and Golfers Way Zip: 19372 If found, please call 1888-466-3242

Polydactyl Cats

As a self-proclaimed cat lover and Veterinary Technician at Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital, I can’t help but fall in love with every kitty that walks through our door, but I find my excitement build when a kitty with extra toes comes to see us.  There is just something so adorable about their fuzzy mitten feet.  [...]

Military Animals

Animals have a long history of helping the military in times of war. Military animals have helped to keep military personnel and bases safe, provided transportation of supplies and personnel, kept communication open between personnel, and controled disease. Many people are unaware of the key roles that animals play in the Military: Dogs: Dogs have [...]

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