Heartworm Disease is Closer to Home Than You Think…

Heartworm is closer to home than you think...at Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital, we now have over 20 dogs that have tested positive for heartworm disease in the past few years.  This is in sharp contrast to 10 years ago when we had no dogs with positive results for heartworm disease. Treatment of Heartworm Disease takes a financial, physical [...]

Choosing the Best Way to Transport Your Cat

We all dread the idea of having to place our normally calm, cuddly kitty into a cat carrier for the stressful trip to the veterinarian. By the time the trip is done you may feel like you have fought the battle of the century. Choosing the best cat carrier for your cat can help make [...]

Never Leave Your Pet In the Car

Hot Car Safety...Never Leave Your Pet in the Car.  70 degree weather is beautiful but it can be deadly if you leave your pet inside your car for too long.  Watch veterinary technician Meg demonstrate how hot it gets inside her car.

Willie G.’s Heartworm Story

Willie G., our beautiful Jack Russell, was diagnosed in May, 2015 with Heartworm Disease. He had been tested previously and it always came back negative. So it came as quite a surprise when he was positive. The treatment of Heartworm disease is challenging to say the least. The hardest part is keeping Willie G. quiet. [...]

Getting Your Cat in The Carrier

Most cat owners understand and dread the idea of having to place their normally sweet, gentle kitty into a carrier for a trip to the veterinarian. Getting your cat in the carrier can result in your perfectly peaceful feline turning into a ball of claws and teeth, fighting to flee. First, it is important to start [...]

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