Even though it is National Walk Your Dog Week we did not want to leave out our feline friends.  Here are 5 Great Ways to Enrich Your Cat’s Life.


Some cats prefer toys that they can throw around themselves.  Other cats prefer toys that require owner participation, such as those you wiggle and dangle.  Stimulating play for a cat involves opportunities to “hunt,” so move toys in such a way that they mimic the movements of rodents or birds.  Introduce new toys periodically to keep your cat from becoming bored with their toys.  (include image of our cat toys)

From Ordinary to Fascinating

Provide ordinary household objects for your cat to explore such as cardboard boxes, paper shopping bags, packing paper etc. that encourage her to investigate various holes with their paws.  A dripping water tap can provide hours of fun!  An aquarium with real fish or even a bowl of fake fish that move around can fascinate your cat.

Bring the Outdoors In

Cats love to watch birds, squirrels and other small animals.  Position birds and squirrel feeders outside windows were your cat can observe animals coming and going during the day.  If you live in an apartment, you can attach bird feeders directly to the outside of your windows.

Take a Walk

Teach your cat to walk on a leash with a harness, such as the Gentle Leader Come with Me Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash.  (Insert Image of Harness) Going on leashed walks is a safe way to take your indoor cat on outdoor adventures.  To be safe, make sure your cat always wears ID tags on their collar when walking outside or has a microchip implanted.

Build a Fort

If you have the space, build an enclosed outdoor area were your cat can spend time when the weather is nice.  Cats will spend hours watching leaves blow in the wind, birds flying and squirrels scampering around.  If you can’t have an outdoor enclosure, try creating a window perch were your cat can easily sit and look out the window.