Growing up my family had a lot of animals but we never had any cats. It wasn’t until recently that I was finally able to adopt kittens.

Two kittens up for adoption recently came into Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital for a routine visit. I was able to interact with them and fell in love with two of them, a boy and a girl. At this time they were only about 3 weeks old and not on solid food or using a litter box yet. After a little discussion with the family we decided we would like to adopt them both. By the time we adopted them they were on a regular kitten wet food diet and were now using the litter box. They were both spunky little kittens – the girl a little spunkier than the boy. In fact, while the little boy was sleeping the girl chewed off all his whiskers. We are hoping that some of them will grow back at least a little bit because the poor guy only has short stubs for whiskers.

Bringing them home that first night was a very exciting experience. We had gone out and bought toys, a litter box, food, and each of them a collar (only to find out they were way too little to wear it yet). It didn’t take long to figure out their names, Finnegan and Lillian, or “Finn” and “Lilly” for short. Finnegan is very lively and always wants to be held. He is very curious and brave, always climbing up the couch and stairs, as well as being too adventurous sometimes and trying to jump off high objects. Lillian is very independent. She is also the one who is always trying to find the smallest spaces she can fit into. We are constantly playing hide and seek with her. Together they are constantly wrestling and playing. We have just scheduled our first appointment at Gilbertsville veterinary hospital in order to get the first round of vaccines – feline distemper and RCP. I can’t wait to watch them grow into each of their personalities.

Shelby Erb, CVT
GVH Veterinary Technician