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Why do Cats Hate Water?

We all know that it is a long-held belief that cats hate water. And they do not just hate it, they detest it and avoid getting wet at all costs. As far as we know, cats and water are sworn, enemies. There are the occasional outlier felines who chose to cautiously explore water; however, most [...]

Why Do Cats Like Boxes?

So, you think you have found the greatest cat toy on the face of this planet. Maybe it has catnip on the inside, or makes sounds, or even has feathers. However, as most of us know, cats can take one look at the toy, turn around and plop themselves in the nearest cardboard box for [...]

Why Is My Dog Licking Me?

You have just sat on the couch after a long day at the office (or kitchen depending on how you are using the space during the age of Zoom). Your dog trots over to you and begins to lick you. Many of us view this as our canine’s way of kissing. But is this true? [...]

How Do I Make My Dog Throw Up?

Most of us have been there. Things are eerily quiet downstairs or in the other room. You are not sure where your dog is or what they are up to. That is when you find them munching on something they’re not supposed to, surrounded by the chewed-up packaging, with a perfectly good unused chew toy [...]

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

You’re at the park with your dog, or perhaps your back yard, and all of a sudden, your dog begins to consume grass at a blinding rate as if it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet. Several questions may be running through your mind at this point. What is going on with my dog? Grass? Really? Does [...]

Why Do Dogs Howl?

You might have noticed when a siren sounds throughout the area, there is a knock at the door or perhaps a full moon hanging low in the sky, your dog lets out a long, often loud howl. Other dogs nearby might join in, causing a cacophony of sound, and leaving you wondering if you [...]

The High Cost of Skipping Your Pet’s Vaccinations

When you receive a notification that your pet is due for annual vaccinations, you make a mental note to schedule a wellness visit with Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital. However, weeks turn into months and, when your dog develops horrible diarrhea, you realize you forgot to schedule an appointment to update their vaccinations. Hoping it isn’t parvo, [...]

Careers in Veterinary Medicine – Part 2

Earlier we talked about careers in veterinary medicine which included career options that are available in private and corporate veterinary hospitals. This month we are going to take a look at different career options available to veterinarians – because not all veterinarians see patients. Research Veterinarians that work in research focus on finding solutions and [...]

What To Expect At Your Dental Appointment

During Your Pet’s Wellness Visit Your veterinarian and technician will review your pet’s dental health risk assessment prior to your appointment. The health risk assessment will help the team determine your pet’s current dental health and the routine care given at home (i.e. trouble eating, drooling, lost teeth or bleeding gums, brushing, diet, dental chews). [...]


Non-Surgical Alternative to Remove Skin Tags, Eyelid Mass, and Other BumpsAs our pets age, they commonly develop lumps or bumps which may range from a cosmetically inconvenient skin tag to a troublesome wart. Warts can pose a bleeding risk when the pet gets groomed or if the pet is repeatedly licking or chewing at it. [...]

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