With an adult cat you can find the “purr”fect fit for your family. There are so many benefits to adopting an adult cat!

  • Adult cats are individuals who do not require the constant supervision of a kitten. You can rest assure that your adult kitty most likely will not attempt to climb the curtain while you are gone.  You can leave your home knowing that when your arrive back home your adult kitty will have gotten into little or no trouble.
  • With an adult cat you know the size of the kitty you are adopting. If you would prefer a snuggle bug you may look for a smaller, lighter kitty to sit on your lap. If you are looking for a kitty that can keep up with the activity of children you may look for a sturdy, muscular, active kitty.
  • Adult cats make better companions for existing older pets. A kitten will be full of lots of energy and your older kitty may not want to play or be willing or able to put up with the activity of a energetic kitten. Instead look for a young adult that already has some sense of respect for pets that were there before them.
  • Many adult cats waiting to be adopted were indoor kitties therefore they have formed good litter box habits.
  • Adult cat are often a much better match for young children than a kitten. Kittens operate with reckless abandon. If they’re picked up, they will use their tiny, razor sharp kitten claws to get away. It is also a lot less likely for a small child to accidentally injure an adult cat. Adult cats are more robust and can often tolerate more attention.
  • With an adult cat, behaviors and patterns are generally already formed. If he’s a cuddle bug at the shelter you can almost guarantee he will be that way for the rest of his life.  Most of the characteristics and personality of the adult cat are fully developed so will know the habits and temperament of your adopted friend. The sad truth is most adult cats are often overlooked at the shelter, however, there are many benefits to adopting an adult cat. I will admit that my heart melts every time the adorable furry ball of a kitten comes in to the hospital. But, my heart also melted the day I brought home my last adult kitty and no more then 2 hours after being home I found all 4 cats were asleep under the Christmas tree. I know my family is happy we adopted adult kitties to add to our family.

Below is a list of area shelters and rescues where you can find you “purr”-fect feline friend.

Cat Angel Network – www.catangel.org

Stray Cat Blues, Inc. – www.straycatblues.org

Animal Rescue League of Berks Country – www.berksarl.org

Montgomery County SPCA – www.montgomerycountyspca.org

Berks Humane Society of Berks County – www.berkshumane.org