With all the snow we have been having this winter our minds are starting to wander to the sunny days of spring and summer. You may be thinking about where you would like to venture to for your summer vacation. In an ideal scenario, you may choose a place that allows you to bring your pets. However, for most of us we will be looking to have them boarded in a reputable facility that provides us with peace of mind while basking in the sun. Here are some helpful tips for picking the right facility for your pet.

  • Instead of just choosing a facility that looks good on line make sure you visit and complete a thorough walk through of the entire place.
  • Create a list of questions and be sure to write the responses down so you can compare them and choose the appropriate place:
  1. Are they able to accommodate your pets’ current feeding schedule with the food and treats you currently provide for them? It’s important to maintain the same eating habits to avoid stomach issues during their stay.
  2. Will your pet have access to water at all times?
  3. Will your pet be interacting with other animals at facility?
  4. Will your pet have the same staff member interacting with them for the duration of the stay?
  5. How often are all areas cleaned in the facility?
  6. Are you able to bring your pets’ favorite blankets and toys?
  7. What is their protocol if your pet becomes ill while there?
  8. What temperature do they keep the area your pet will primarily be at?
  9. Find out if your state requires boarding kennel inspections and if so ask to see the license showing that the kennel meets standards.
  10. Ask about their fire and emergency procedures.
  11. What will your pets exercise schedule throughout the day?
  12. Can u have a friend or family member visit the pet during normal operational hours unannounced?
  13. All reputable boarding facilities will require that your pet have an up to date Rabies vaccine and Bordetella vaccine to prevent “kennel cough”. Bordetella is typically a yearly vaccine, however some facilities require it every 6 months. Some places also require the pet have the influenza vaccine. Be sure to find out what they require and get documentation to provide to facility.
  • Be sure once you choose a facility you provide them with as much insight into your pets’ habits and behaviors. Document and remind staff of any medical issues or behavioral problems. If your pet is on medication be sure to provide the facility with the medication in the labeled bottle provided by your veterinarian in order to avoid any confusion.
  • Always go with your gut in the end…..if you’re not 100% sold on a facility….it’s not the right place.