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Associate Veterinarian Job Description

Educational Requirements: DVM, VMD

Reports To: Medical Director and Hospital Managers

Description: The primary role of Associate Veterinarian at Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital is to provide the highest quality medical and surgical care for our patients. Actions and decisions made by an Associate Veterinarian must:

  • Follow the hospital’s vision to provide the highest standards in veterinary care and client service.
  • Support the hospital’s purpose to create an innovative veterinary partnership between our community, their pets, and our team.
  • Demonstrate the hospital’s core values (does the right thing, team oriented, works hard, is fun, exhibits professionalism).

Responsibilities include

  • Client Service: The Associate Veterinarian must be able to provide exceptional client service, show care and concern for patients, pay attention to details, and respond quickly and calmly in critical care situations. The Associate Veterinarian must perform comprehensive patient workups including a complete history, thorough physical examinations, comprehensive diagnostic screening, and correct interpretation of diagnostic results.
  • Client Communication: The Associate Veterinarian must effectively communicate patient findings, possible diagnostics, prognosis, and recommended plan to the owner. The Associate Veterinarian must communicate with the clients on status reports on hospitalized patients, diagnostic results, and respond to client telephone calls in a timely manner. When appropriat,e the Associate Veterinarian must communicate patient discharge instructions to the veterinary technicians to ensure that the client receives proper information at the time of patient discharge.
  • Surgical & Dental Procedures: The Associate Veterinarian will be responsible for recommending proper surgical and dental procedures to clients, providing them with thorough treatment plans for the procedure, and completing surgical and dental procedures (unless otherwise determined). The Associate Veterinarian must complete pre-surgical drug calculation sheets the day of procedures and communicate any changes to management. The Associate Veterinarian must always perform pre-surgical examinations and diagnostics prior to procedures and practice good surgical and dental techniques.
  • Pharmacy: The Associate Veterinarian must prescribe the appropriate medication for patients’ condition, correctly documenting necessary refills, if any, for the prescription. The Associate Veterinarian must approve patient prescriptions recommending proper diagnostic protocols for the patients when necessary. The Associate Veterinarian must effectively communicate with the technicians and pharmacy when they utilize any controlled substances so that they are properly logged. The Associate Veterinarian is responsible for completing outside pharmacy requests in a timely manner for the team to respond back with the documentation.
  • Teamwork & Staff Efficiency: The Associate Veterinarian must assist the rest of the team by keeping appointments and surgeries/dentals on time to the best of their ability. The Associate Veterinarian must clearly and kindly communicate instructions to our team and be willing to assist team members with their duties as needed. The Associate Veterinarian must act as a professional and role model for the entire team. The Associate Veterinarian must communicate pertinent information with other veterinarians to ensure a smooth transfer of cases when not available.
  • Medical Records: The Associate Veterinarian must record patient exams in medical records utilizing the SOAP format that complies with the AAHA guidelines. The Associate Veterinarian must complete the patient’s medical records in a timely manner.
  • Continuing Education: The Associate Veterinarian must attend regular outside CE meetings for a minimum of 20 hours per year. The Associate Veterinarian must assist in team educational events at least twice a year, continually mentoring and training team members as needed on a regular basis.
  • Meetings: The Associate Veterinarian should make an effort to attend scheduled hospital meetings, doctor meetings and one-on-one meetings.
  • Additional Items: The Associate Veterinarian must maintain their state licenses and DEA registration.