Last year was our first GVH Costume Contest and the beginning of the Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital Facebook Page.  We were so lucky to have many clients and their pets participate.  We thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of last year’s participants…

Zoey Zoey

Not only was “Zoey” a hit in her costume, she also raised over $200 for the American Cancer Society at the Boyertown Bark for Life!

Miso & MooshuMiso & Mooshu

Who can forget Doctor Miso and Nurse Mooshu – they were such a hit online!


 Smudge the Pirate was last year’s cat winner for best costume!! He shared his basket of goodies with Captain Smiley!

Captain Smiley Captain Smiley

Captain Smiley was a close 2nd and got to share in all of the goodies with the pirate!

Sister Mary GraceSister Mary Grace

Our very own “Sister Mary Grace” Hanlon.  Dr. Hanlon is so proud of her!

Dexter Dexter

Dexter displayed his costume well and was so close to winning the basket.

Kai Kai

Kai looked great in his costume and has moved on to the GVH website, like so many other pets of GVH.  Check him out!

Pooh Bear & Pepi La Roo Pooh Bear & Pepi La Roo

Who would guess that a lobster and a giraffe would become best friends? Pooh Bear and Pepi la roo are 4 months apart and love each other like brothers!

Zackary Zackary

Zackary was one of the quirkiest pharaohs and a Facebook favorite.  According to his mom he thinks he is the cat’s meow!

Tank Tank

Who can forget “Tank” last year’s canine winner!  Harry Potter does not have anything on him!

– Tiffany, Practice Manager