A few years ago, Dr. Helfer, a doctor on our GVH team, had a pet with severe dental disease. The cat, a beautiful Siamese, was in repeatedly for dental procedures because of how severe the dental disease was. Medically, the patient needed a dental cleaning every 6 to 8 months. Shortly after, Hill’s Science Diet, came out with t/d, a dental health food and she began feeding t/d to her cat.  Six months later, Dr. Helfer was amazed to find that her pet’s teeth looked as good as the day she did the last dental cleaning.  After exclusively eating t/d the kitty never needed another dental cleaning and was able to live a healthy life.  Though this is not always the case, the doctors of GVH believe t/d is a great choice to help fight dental disease.


Dr. Helfer also finds that her patients love the taste of the food. Because of the large size of the kibble it helps pets to eat slower which helps with digestion.  t/d is safe for patients that have been on Hill’s Science Diet c/d for a period of time and are doing well with their urinary issues.


t/d-dental-health-picture This is how t/d kibble works!