Diana is doing so well.  She now sits in front of her trainers and smiles at them until they pet her.  She would rather be petted than anything else.  She has learned to spin – I’m not sure why but they trained her to do this J.

She will sleep on her blanket or in her crate.  Although she was not doing well in the crate before, if her trainers are in the room with her, she can now tolerate having the crate door closed.

During the day she is allowed to nap on the bunk.  However Nick says that she stretches out and tries to hog the whole bunk.  Everyone is madly in love with this sweetest of girls. Although she is still slim and her ribs show, she is gaining some weight and her coat looks better.

She sends her love and wishes all her fans at GVH a Happy Thanksgiving and please send turkey.

XOXOXO from Diana by way of Marian.

Marian V. Marchese

Founder & CEO

New Leash on Life USA