Photo for - A Look BackOne year ago our team launched the Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital website and our Facebook page to begin sharing our knowledge and passion for veterinary medicine.  As we celebrate our one year anniversary of social media, we wanted to take some time to look back at 10 of our most popular posts.

TOP 10 Posts

Information on Pet Portal – Pet Portals are secure, private pet health websites that give you direct access to manage your pet’s healthcare 24/7. We are happy to provide Pet Portals free of charge to all clients who have an active e-mail address.

Care Credit – Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital offers Care Credit as a simply way to pay for any of our services whether for emergencies or for expected care.

Pet First Aid – When your pet has a medical emergency, it is important to be prepared before it occurs. Know how your veterinarian handles emergencies and where to go if you have one. You can also be prepared for emergencies by putting together a pet first aid kit.

Leptospirosis Symptoms and Prevention Leptospirosis is the one of the world’s most common diseases that is transmitted from animals to people. Most domestic dogs contract leptospirosis by licking the urine of infected mice, which can be found in puddles, riverbanks, ditches, gullies, and other moist areas where infected wild animals may live. Leptospirosis is a flu-like disease.

How to Select a Dog – My husband is a Lab for life type of guy. I am not sure that he really knows why but nevertheless he has chosen a breed that he will love forever. I, on the other hand, am a search and rescue type of gal. My breed of choice is a dog or puppy that needs a good home – hence we are a two dog household.

There are tools that help you decide what type of breed fits your personality and lifestyle.

Flip the Lip – It is important, as pet parents, that we “flip the lip” of our dog or cat. This will help to determine if your pet is at risk for periodontal disease which occurs when bacteria form plaque on the teeth.

The Bone-a-Fide Benefits of Spaying or Neutering Your PetYour female pet will live a longer, healthier life. Spaying helps reduce or eliminate the risk of mammary gland tumors, ovarian and/or uterine cancer, especially if done before the first heat cycle.

Neutering provides major health benefits for your male. Besides preventing unwanted litters, neutering your male companion prevents testicular cancer and decreases incidence of prostate disease.

How to Prevent and Treat Hairballs – Every so often, your otherwise adorable cat will do an alarming and somewhat disgusting thing. She’ll awake from a peaceful nap, rise up on her paws, retch convulsively for a moment or two, and spit up what may appear at first glance to be a damp clump. What kitty has regurgitated in the middle of your kitchen floor or, worse yet, in the middle of your freshly steam cleaned carpet is a hairball. Here are some things you can do at home to prevent and treat hairballs.

Oh, the Exotic Pets We See….Birds, Bunnies, and Snakes…..Oh, my!! – Exotic pets have grown in popularity over the past few years for a number of reasons. Some people enjoy having an unusual pet while others find exotic pets to be easier to care for than a dog or cats.

Traveling with Pets – Many of us have one goal in mind this summer….traveling with our family and pets on vacation! Whether it is a weekend getaway or a week at your favorite beach – taking our furry children calls for proper preparation. Regardless of how you are traveling to your desired destination, the first thing is to be sure that your pet has had a recent wellness exam, is up to date on all vaccinations and is current on all preventives for fleas, ticks, parasites and heartworms.

As we begin our second year, we want to thank you for reading, commenting, and liking our daily posts. We greatly enjoy discussing and answering questions clients have for us and the opportunity to share our knowledge allows us to have a more personal experience with our clients. Thank you again and may our second year be as informative and fun as our first.

– Meghan, Veterinary Technician