Heartworm is closer to home than you think…at Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital, we now have over 20 dogs that have tested positive for heartworm disease in the past few years.  This is in sharp contrast to 10 years ago when we had no dogs with positive results for heartworm disease.

Treatment of Heartworm Disease takes a financial, physical and emotional toll on pets and pet parents.  Fortunately, heartworm disease is easily prevented and much cheaper than treatment.


Treatment vs. Prevention

Year round Heartworm Preventatives for a large dog cost approximately $140.

Heartworm Treatment for a large dog costs up to $1500.

Heartworm treatment is difficult at best for pets and pet parents. It requires oral medications, injections to kill the heartworms already living in a dog’s heart and lungs, and cage rest. This is then followed by months of limited activity and possible health complications. Surgery may also be necessary for dogs with a large amount worms.

Fact or Fiction

Fiction: Dogs that are primarily indoors are not at risk for heartworm disease.

Fact: It only takes one mosquito bite to infect a dog with heartworm disease. All dogs are at risk for heartworm disease.

Fiction: Dogs only need heartworm preventatives in the summer.

Fact: Dogs are at risk for heartworm disease all year round. In order for the preventatives to be effective the key is timing and consistency.