From your pets point of view the holidays bring many new smells and new temptations into their environment.  Pet parents need to be aware of what can be dangerous and toxic.

Toxins on the table

  • Fatty foods such as Turkey skin can cause stomach upset and worse can lead to a potentially deadly inflammation of the pancreas known as pancreatitis.
  • Cooked bones of any kind can splinter, get stuck or lacerate your pets digestive tract.  Be sure that you are disposing of all bones out of your pets reach.
  • Chocolate, cookies and cakes can contain caffeine and theobromine which can make your pet very sick.

Dangerous Decor

  • Glass and metal ornaments, metal ornament hooks, ribbon, tinsel and artificial snow are dangerous if ingested.
  • Holiday plants such as holly, misletoe, poinsettia, lilies and Christmas tree water can be toxic.
  • Lights and power chords can put your pet at risk for burning and electric shock.
  • Pine needles from your tree can cause gastrointestinal upset.

Weather Hazards

  • Antifreeze can be deadly to your pet-  one lick is enough to kill.
  • Salt and chemical residue can get on your pets paws and tummy so be sure to wipe paws and tummy after every walk.