The Importance of Exams and Lab Work for Your Cat

“My cat is an indoor only, and he/she is young and seems to be healthy. Do I have to come in for an exam?  Because they are an indoor only cat do I have to get the wellness lab work this year?”

It is important to remember that cats and kittens are not able to tell us when they are not feeling like themselves. Cats do not always show clear signs even when they are sick.  We recommend services that will keep your furry friend as healthy as possible.  Seeing your cat once a year helps us to keep them up to date on their vaccines, perform an annual wellness exam, and provide wellness services such as blood work to be tested yearly and products such as preventatives for fleas and ticks.  Even if your kitty is an indoor only cat, they can still be exposed to illnesses, parasites, and the “outside” world.  It is vital to perform a yearly check-up on all feline patients to make sure they get the services they need to keep them healthy for years to come. The doctor will examine your feline to check their eyes, ears, heart, lungs, abdomen, teeth, and entire body systems for any outward changes or concerns. This is also a perfect time to update the yearly rabies vaccine while they are here for their visit.

One of the most important reasons we recommend performing annual blood work on your cat is so that we can identify any changes in the blood work levels.  When your feline is healthy and young, it is important to get a good baseline of blood levels, so that as your cat ages and we can monitor any changes: small and mild, or drastic and life-threatening.

Keeping your cat(s) healthy is our primary concern. We want to offer the best possible preventative and wellness medicine for your pets. At Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital, we strive to provide the best options for you as a pet owner, and will gladly discuss this topic and any concerns you may have. We look forward to seeing you and your cat at their next wellness exam!