Tia Camarata, Client Care Specialist, at Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital is also a volunteer at the Lehigh Valley Zoo.  Here Tia shares some of the friends she has met at the zoo.

“These are African Blackfooted Penguins and are native to the Southwest tip of Africa.  They are considered warm weather penguins.  The Blackfooted Penguin is an endangered species.”

“The little baby penguin is named Bahati.  She is losing her downy chick features and is growing her juvenile feathers and coloring.  Bahati is the third chick hatched at the zoo and is part of the Species Survival Plan.  The Species Survival Plan is a plan to keep the population breeding.  It also makes sure the genetics are strong enough to keep the species going for a long time.”

The second penguin is Greer, showing off her good side! Greer is an adult penguin and like a true lady her exact age is not known.”

“I look forward to sharing more about the animals from the Lehigh Valley Zoo.”


Tia Camarata