November is National Pet Diabetes month and I wanted to share the continuing story about George, my diabetic cat. George is a happy and healthy 12-year old, tuxedo kitty who is living successfully with diabetes. I like to think he is living a life fit for a king.

Since George was diagnosed with diabetes, he receives 1 unit of insulin twice a day with a ¼ cup of high protein food and is encouraged to play often. Because George’s three small, human housemates are now in kindergarten and the other has returned to school, George and I have more time to play together and this has helped him to loose another quarter pound in the last two months. He continues to enjoy throwing his stuffed penguin but, also has “adopted” two small, stuffed dolls which he found in the twins toy box. George still enjoys his solitary life sleeping in my room away from the other human and kitty occupants of the house and everyone respects his need to be alone.


In October, George came in for his 6 month senior wellness examination and blood work. After much nervousness, some meows of sadness and the kindness of everyone working that day, George was given a clean bill of health and given vaccinations. The following day, George’s blood work returned and we were all happy to find that his numbers were all in normal range for a diabetic kitty. George and I were advised to continue with all the healthy life changes to keep him living successfully with diabetes.

A perfect wellness exam and blood work would have been an accomplishment to celebrate with extra treats but that is what got us where we are today. So, extra snuggle time with mom, head scratches, and kitty talk were given after everyone else went to bed. It is important to remember that that extra food does not equal love. Snuggles, head scratches, and quality time is what is most important for you and your pet’s health.

– Meghan, Veterinary Technician