With the New Year’s Day approaching, I decided it was time to start taking better care of myself and improve my behavior so that you would be proud of me.  So I have been contemplating how best to improve myself. Since I am trying to start the New Year by bettering myself, I will start by being honest. I really got the idea of making a list of New Year’s resolutions from the dog.

Top 5 New Year’s resolutions from the cat:

Resolution #1 – I will take all my medication without clawing or biting you.

I promise to take my medication without a fight. I will not be happy about it, but I promise to not bite or claw at you. I would love it if you could get some pill pockets or maybe some yummy, smelly wet food so taking my medication would be more enjoyable for me. I will need you to understand that after a few days my patience may start to wane and it may be necessary to wrap me in a blanket to keep my paws and jaws of destruction from injuring you. This resolution will be he hardest for me so please be patient with me and understand if I fail.

Resolution #2 – I will keep myself fit and healthy.

I promise to keep myself fit and lean. Even though sleeping in a sunny spot is the only thing I want to do during the winter months, I promise to get up and move. I will play with appropriate items, such as cat toys and my fellow friends (furry and non-furry), and stay away from items that are not healthy for me like string and small toys. I will also eat a reasonable portion of food but I will need you to remind what a proper portion of food is. I will try not to beg for more or sneak snacks that I find.  I remember how sick I was the night I stole the pork chop, and don’t ever want to be that ill ever again.  I will do my best to get up and move if you do your best of feed me a healthy diet in proper portions.

Resolution #3 – I will behave before, during and after my visits to the veterinary hospital.

I promise to allow you to place me in my carrier to get safely to the hospital. During the drive I will do my best to not urinate or defecate in my carrier. Sometimes I get really nervous and it just happens so I can’t promise this will not ever happen, but I will try my best. While at the Veterinary hospital, I will willingly get out of my carrier and when the doctor comes in and let him or her examine me without sinking my sharp teeth and claws into him or her. I will allow them to examine my ears, eyes, and belly. You know how much I hate those parts touched. So, you could bring along my favorite treats or tell me how well I am doing it.  It would help make the visit less stressful.

Resolution #4 – I will use my litter box.

I promise to use my litter box and not mark all over the house. This is at times both of our faults. I promise to use my litter box if you promise to keep it clean and make sure that I am healthy including spaying or neutering me. I feel I can follow thru with this one but, if you notice that I am marking thru the house can you please take me to the veterinarian right away. I may have a urinary infection or be upset about something and the sooner we get the problem fixed the sooner we both will be happy.

Resolution #5 – I will not leave cold wet hairballs where you can step on them on the good clean carpet.

I can’t promise to never regurgitate a hairball, so the best I can do is try to keep them out of your foot path and off the good carpet. I also will do my best to not make the horrid sound in the middle of the night while you sleep. I am still very sorry about the time I brought one up on your hair. But, we both were sleeping and it caught us both off guard. Yes, this really did happen to my owner who is helping type this article for me.  

I will do my best to keep my New Year’s resolutions with your help. So I promise to take all my medication without a fight, keep myself fit and health, behave at the veterinary hospital, use my litter box, and try to keep my hairballs under control. I will need you to give me my medication regularly in a calm environment, feed me a healthy diet, speak calmly to me during my visits to the veterinarian, keep my litter box clean, and help keep my fur clean and free of excess loose fur. If we work together we can have a happy and healthy new year!