To celebrate our puppies we decided to ask some of our colleagues about their puppies.

Q1: Why did you choose the breed of dog you have? 

Q2: What was the hardest part of having this breed of dog as a puppy?

Dr. Hanlon and Diane, Business Manager, talk about Mary Grace “Gracie” and Gabriel (Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs):


Q1 – A: Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs fit our lifestyle.  We definitely like Gracie and Gabriel’s size and short coat – it makes bathing an easy affair. They both have sweet and loving personalities.

Q2 – A: Gracie chewed on the couch but we were able to train her so it is no longer an issue. Gabriel is 8 months old and still likes to chew on laundry and a chair.  But we are still training and are hopeful that it will result in it no longer being an issue.

Dr. Smith talks about Sampson (Chihuahua) and Riley (Mix Breed):


Q1 – A: My wife wanted a smaller dog so we got Sampson and we found Riley through my work, so she chose us.

Q2 – A: Sampson was very hard to house train. We still have occasional issues with accidents in the house. Riley chewed on everything.

Michelle, Marketing Manager, talks about Charlie (Dachshund):


Q1 – A: I was actually looking to adopt a dog and had seen a dachshund puppy during my search. I had not been familiar with this breed and began doing research on them. I was living in an apartment at the time so the size of the dog and energy level were big factors. As I was leaving for work one morning a neighbor was walking their dog, a dachshund, who followed me to my car and jumped up on me. I had never seen this neighbor or dog before and I began telling him that I was actually thinking of adopting a dachshund. He then told me that “Oscar” is looking for a forever home due to them downsizing from a house. He was a year old at the time. That evening “Oscar” came home with me and became Charlie. So in the end, I didn’t choose Charlie… he chose me! I now have two miniature dachshunds and I am without a doubt a huge fan of this breed. They have such unique personalities. They are very smart and very entertaining. They are also very protective and can become aggressive when they feel there is a threat to their owners or themselves.

Q2 – A: Charlie was a year old when I adopted him and was not yet fixed. So I feel like I still experienced the puppy stage and early training trials and tribulations. I crated him when I went to work. They say that a dog won’t go to the bathroom where they sleep. Well, this is not true. Charlie had many accidents in his crate throughout the day. He was also very protective and quite aggressive. I assumed that after he was fixed this would change and it didn’t. We eventually had to bring in a trainer. It seems like the things that were difficult when we first adopted Charlie tend to still come up every now and then.

Todd, Operations Director, talks about Logan (Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog):


Q1 – A: I have always like big dogs with short hair. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are very easy to house train but they need a firm owner. I have come to find out that he’s tough but very sensitive when he gets in trouble he pouts and sits in the corner by the window! Just because he is very big doesn’t mean he’s slow!! He’s very active and easily keeps up with us on 3-6 mile hikes.

Q2 – A: Mr. Logan ate everything from bath puffs, flip flops, jeans, a few pair of sneakers, and he also de stuffed a few pillows along the way.

Amanda, Team Leader, talks about Cammi and Bella (Pitbull Mixes):


Q1 – A: I chose Cammi and Bella because I love bigger breed dogs, and their faces were too adorable to pass up! We were planning on getting one dog when we looked, but I could not stand to separate the sisters. Luckily my husband agreed, and we went shopping for everything puppy pink!

Q2 – A: CHEW, CHEW, CHEW! It took them about 3 years to get out of their chewing everything habit. They were so easy to house break, they are super cuddly, and they love everyone.

 Tiffany, Practice Manager, talks about Jake (Havanese mix) and Maggie (Chocolate Labrador Retriever):


Q1 – A: I chose Jake from an Arizona rescue and we have been inseparable ever since.  My husband, Sal, chose Maggie because he had always wanted a bigger dog and loves labs.

Q2 – A: Maggie liked to chew on lots of things including my new shoes!! Jake was easy to train and has become an independent (not needy) kind of dog.

Alyssa, Team Leader, talks about Moses (Golden Retriever):


Q1 – A: We chose Moses because we wanted to get our first family dog, and had heard that Golden Retrievers were a very good breed.  They are loyal, kind-hearted, good with kids and other animals, energetic, and lived long lives.

Q2 – A: The hardest part about having him as a puppy was the hair – he shed!!! Even up to this day, that is the ONLY thing that is dislikable about him.  His house breaking went great! And he didn’t have the bad habit of chewing on everything.  He was just “happy”.

Becca, Veterinary Technician, talks about fostering puppies (lots of different breeds):


Q1 – A: I choose to foster because every dog deserves a home. Dogs are surrendered for multiple reasons and many times it is not their fault. Often time dogs are surrendered due to behavioral issues that could have been helped with proper training and love.  I hope to give the hopeless a forever home.

Q2 – A: I have run into every issue you can think of when it comes to puppies including chewing, house breaking, behavioral issues, etc.  Being a foster parent, I am used to and like to help with every issue that may arise.

Remember there are many puppies looking for forever homes.  Here are some things you can to do to help those less fortunate puppies:

–  Adopt a puppy from your local shelter or pure breed rescue organization.

–  Donate money, food and toys to your local shelter.

–  Volunteer at your local shelter. You can offer to walk or play with a puppy, clean cages or anything else they need help with.

There are many ways to celebrate the bond between you and your pet not just today but every day. So gather up all the squeaky toys, throw on your walking shoes, or snuggle with your perfect pooch and celebrate National Puppy Day!!

-Meghan, AS
Veterinary Technician