Purchasing or building a pet first kit is a great first step, but won’t be a lot of help in the event of an emergency if you are not familiar with how and when to use the items. GVH would highly recommend any or all of the following to be prepared in the event of an emergency:

Red Cross App Photo1. Take a pet first aid class – check with your community college or the Red Cross. Metropolitan Veterinary Associates & Emergency Services offer quarterly Pet CPR classes – check out their website.

2. There’s an App for that!!  Now the American Red Cross has an app for your mobile device that you can download with good basic pet first aid information for you to learn and use.

3. Read pet first aid or animal health books – also a good idea to include one in the kit.
Related: Book Reviews – The First Aid Companion for Dogs and Cats by Amy Shojai, Pet First Aid by Barbara Mammato, DVM, MPH, The Complete Healthy Dog Book and Speaking for Spot.

4. Familiarize yourself with pet emergency clinics in your area and the places you travel to.  Some of the local Emergency centers are:

Metropolitan Veterinary Associates & Emergency Services

Veterinary Referral Center, VRC

Hope Veterinary Specialists