If you elect to have a private cremation for your pet, did you know that you have a wide variety of options? There are many private cremation options to remember your pet in a beautiful way.  For no additional cost, your pets ashes can be returned to you in a cedar chest with a customized gold name plate.  If you prefer to have your pet in a customized urn, you can select one of the many beautiful options (see below) from Abbey Glen.

urn7 urn6 urn5 urn4

We also encourage you to visit the Abbey Glen website for a complete list of their products and services.

It is difficult to say goodbye and it is different for everyone.  Abbey Glen offers formal funerals at their garden in New Jersey or you can schedule a private cremation ceremony to witness the process.  For more information about this service, go to the Abbey Glen website.

Grieving for your pet is a natural reaction and one that may warrant the support of professionals.  If you need support in the loss of your pet you have many options.  Abbey Glen has put together a resource page that includes professionals and books to help you with the loss of your pet.  Visit Abbey Glen for the entire list.