November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month!!! For many older people, who are seniors themselves, a senior pet makes a great companion. Senior pet parents benefit physically from the exercise they get walking or playing with their pet and caring for them. It is also great mental exercise. I (Michelle, Marketing and Accounts Manager) have seen the positive impact adopting a senior dog has had on my senior father. Adopting Rosie, a senior miniature dachshund, has lifted his spirits and has given him a new purpose since being retired.

The Animal Rescue League of Berks County has created a program that supports senior pets by placing them in foster homes where they receive the attention and care they need until they are hopefully adopted by the family that will provide them with a stable forever home. The Grey Muzzle Program was implemented in 2010 and has helped well over 600 pets. You can go to their site and see pictures of current seniors up for adoption as well as become a foster home for a senior pet.

The great thing about adopting a pet that has been in a foster home is that you can choose a pet that fits best with your lifestyle. Since they have been cared for by someone they will be able to tell you their routine, temperament, needs and if your family is the right fit for them. This makes for an easier adjustment period.

Here’s some more good tips and information about adopting a senior pet.

– Michelle, Marketing and A/R Manager