ShaydShayd was one of hundreds of “bully dog” mixed breeds found at the Berks Animal Rescue League almost 2 years ago.  I spend quite a bit of time there and was asked to examine her one day because she was ill.  She was pulled off the streets of Reading intact, heavy with milk from a recent litter and running with and intact male friend.  She was spayed and had exploratory surgery because there was a mass of some sort in her abdomen.  No one found anything unusual.  I fell in love with her and brought her home to live with our pack.  She had a hard time gaining weight and not much of an appetite.  Two months after adopting her, my son came home from school to find a 10 inch round wad of Berber carpeting in her crate with her.  It was in her stomach all that time.

Our dog pack is unfortunately down to one now, just Shayd.  We love her very much.  We get glimpses of her former life in Reading on occasion.  She hates the basement, runs from the laundry (who can blame her) and would much rather walk than run.  Since she looked like a body builder when we got her, we suspect lots of treadmill work.  If you know very little about what these amazingly lovable dogs are forced to do in the name of sport, please take some time to visit a shelter or an appropriate website.  Also, when you get a chance to gather a new canine distraction into our arms and lives, consider a rescued dog or critter of any variety and go to your local shelter.  You would be amazed at who people throw away.