Do you have a cat that scratches the furniture, sprays, or hides under the bed for most of the day? Do you have multiple cats that hiss at each other and fight? If this sounds familiar your feline friend(s) may be feeling stressed. Things like moving, redecorating, traveling, or a visit to the groomer or veterinarian may be causing your cat undue stress. Don’t worry, there is a wonderful product called Feliway that can provide the relief your cat needs.

Feliway anxiety relief for cats

We have all seen cats rub their cheeks on the couch, up against our legs and even on the family dog. Cats mark their territory this way. This rubbing which is sometimes called “head butting” leaves behind the cat’s facial pheromone. This pheromone gives cats a sense of safety and security. When cats are stressed, this pheromone marking does not happen, that’s where Feliway comes in. Feliway is a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone. This synthetic pheromone creates an environment of familiarity when cats are stressed or facing a challenging situation.

Feliway is available in a spray, a plug in diffuser, wipes and a multi-cat diffusor. The spray acts to inhibit scratching and marking. Simply spray the area where the unwanted behaviors are occurring and over time this behavior will decrease or be completely eliminated. It also works great for that yearly veterinary visit, spray 1 pump into the cat carrier before you travel to create that safe environment your cat is used to. The diffuser creates a continuous state of comfort for your cat, and will also aide in decreasing any of those unwanted destructive behaviors. The spray and the diffuser may be used together or work great by themselves. The wipes deliver the same pheromone as the spray and diffuser in convenient single use packets. The multi-cat diffuser should be used for multiple cat households whose feline residents just can’t get along. This diffuser utilizes a synthetic feline appeasing pheromone. This pheromone is produced by mother cats while nursing their kittens and can be detected by cats of any age. The multi-cat diffuser will help keep the peace in your house.

If your cat is showing signs of stress, give one of our veterinary technicians a call to discuss if Feliway is right for you and your feline friends.