Degenerative Joint Disease? Are You Crazy? My Dog is Only 5 Years Old!

Most of us have had dogs in our home that reach that ripe old age where they start to slow down. Sometimes it is difficulty getting up or sometimes it’s simply having less interest in longer walks. Osteoarthritis (also known as degenerative joint disease, DJD) is a progressive condition that will affect most of our [...]

Back to School Anxiety in Your Pet 2016

Summer is a great time filled with swimming, hiking, and playing in the yard with our faithful friends. As the summer comes to a close and parents send their children back to school, it is important to remember that our four legged friends may feel lonely after having their best buddies home all summer. As [...]

Commonly Asked Questions about Rabies Vaccinations

We often get asked questions about vaccinating pets.  As we celebrate World Rabies Day this month, here are some answers to some of the commonly asked questions about rabies vaccinations. How often do I need to get my pet vaccinated against rabies? Dogs: The first rabies vaccination should be given at 14 weeks or older. [...]

Celebrating Deaf Dog Awareness Week 2016

Deaf Dog Awareness Week was created to bring awareness to owning a deaf dog.  Deaf dogs make great pets, and some people will argue, listen more than their dog that is not deaf. Watch Joe’s Dog Pack Story. Dogs can become deaf in many of the same ways that humans can: injury, old age or [...]

Dogs at Work: Military Dogs – Defending Our Country

Officer Jeff Portock, one of the officers in the Pottstown Police Department’s K-9 Unit, began his career in the United States Air Force, where his training and work with explosive detecting dogs began. I was delighted when he agreed to share his wonderful story about Cliff with me - a military dog and his [...]

From Rescue Dog to Champion in Dock Diving – “Bo” McClaran

Recently, Crystal McClaran generously shared her story about her dog, who went from rescue dog to champion dock jumper.  This is the story of Bo McClaran.  We thought it was so great we wanted to share it with you.........Bo came into my life 4 years ago when I walked into the right place at the [...]

Water Safety for Dogs

Water safety is important for people and pets this summer.  Make sure to follow these safety tips before heading out for some water fun. Determine if your dog likes water. It is important to know if you own a water dog or not. Just like people some pets are scared of the water. [...]

Top Water Sports for Dogs

Splish Splash … if there is a puddle, pond, creek or just raining outside my Maggie, a Labrador retriever celebrates!!  She splashes through puddles on our walks and sticks her nose in the air to smell the rain.  Her favorite activity is retrieving sticks in the local creeks.  She is a true water dog.  [...]

New Leash on Life – Saving and Reclaiming Lives

Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital supports New Leash on Life USA  New Leash is a 501(c) (3) non-profit, prison-dog training program, dedicated to improving the life of inmates and saving the lives of dogs.  One of New Leash on Life’s new programs is "Saving and Reclaiming Lives", which addresses the needs of wounded warriors returning from [...]

Working Dogs Have a Job to Do (Part 2): The K-9 Unit – Police Dogs on Patrol

In Part 2 of our series, we are focusing on one of the highest skilled canines, the police dog. The police dog and his handler together make up a K-9 unit.  The majority of police dogs are German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers and Belgian Malinois.  The key attributes of successful police dogs are intelligence, aggression, strength, and sense of smell. Only [...]

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