The K-9 Units of the Pottstown Police Department

Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital has the proud honor of providing care to the Pottstown Police Department’s K-9 units.  The Pottstown Police Department has three of them - Taz and his handler, Officer Jeff Portock, Kato and his handler Corporal Steve Hatfield, and Jak and his handler, Officer Peter Yambrick. Taz, a german shepherd mix, and his handler Officer Jeff Portock (seen [...]

Working Dogs Have a Job to Do (Part 2): The K-9 Unit – Police Dogs on Patrol

In Part 2 of our series, we are focusing on one of the highest skilled canines, the police dog. The police dog and his handler together make up a K-9 unit.  The majority of police dogs are German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers and Belgian Malinois.  The key attributes of successful police dogs are intelligence, aggression, strength, and sense of smell. Only [...]

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