Teach Your Dog Not to Chew

Let’s look at some techniques that will help guide you as you teach your dog not to chew. First, let’s get into the right mind set.  It is important to think about rewarding your pet for their good behavior instead of punishing them when they chew.  Just as you would child proof your home for [...]

Crate Training – A Safe Haven For Your Dog

Why might my dog need to be confined or crate trained? Dogs are highly social animals that make wonderful pets. They can be effective as watchdogs, are excellent companions for play and exercise, and are sources of affection and comfort. However, with the lifestyle and schedule of the majority of families, dogs must learn to spend [...]

The Seeing Eye, Inc.

The Seeing Eye, Inc. is the oldest existing guide dog school in the world. Their mission is to enhance the independence, dignity, and self confidence of people who are blind, through the use of specially trained Seeing Eye® dogs. Twelve times a year, as many as 24 students at a time visit their Morristown, NJ [...]

National Dog Bite Prevention Week

All dogs even nice ones can bite.  It is proven each year as millions and millions of dog bites are recorded. The best way to prevent it is through education. Each year during the 3rd week of May, we focus on dog bite prevention.  In Montgomery County alone there are a reported 1500-1600 dog bites annually. [...]

Selecting a Dog Trainer

Sit … stay … no … stay! These are your toys … these are my toys … don’t touch! NOOOO … outside - you go potty outside! Training a new dog can be trying experience.  It is important that you give yourself the tools to be successful in training your dog.  It takes a lot [...]

Why Should I Crate Train My Dog?

Question: Why Should I Crate Train My Dog? Crate training is a great way to provide a sanctuary of sorts for your dog.  This “safe haven” is a useful tool in raising a healthy dog.  It is becomes their “space” where they can feel safe and secure and can help with overall training. Crates [...]

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