When preparing for a vacation or travel we often make “Checklists” for ourselves.  Here is a travel checklist for your pet :

  1. Crate – This gives your pet a safe place to retreat while on vacation
  2. Food, Water, and treats – Changing diets while on vacation can upset your pets stomach so remember to bring their own food.
  3. Food and water dishes for travel and for when you arrive at destination – Something that is familiar for your dog to eat and drink out of will make them more relaxed while on vacation.
  4. Poop bags/and or litter box with litter – Keeping the grounds sanitary while you are traveling is important so parasites and or diseases are not spread.
  5. Collar with current ID tags and leashes – If your pet gets away from you in their new surroundings identification will be key to getting them home safely.
  6. Blankets and toys – Familiar toys and blankets will make your pet feel more comfortable while away from home.
  7. Paper towels, extra towels and blankets
  8. Plastic bags for disposing of dirty towels and rags if need be
  9. Vaccination records including rabies certificate – You never know when you will need proof of your pets vaccination history ask one of our client care specialist to prepare an extra copy of your pets records.
  10. Medications and copies of written scripts – running out of medication while away can be dangerous for your pet talk to us about filling extra prescriptions in preparation for your trip.
  11. First Aid Kit – Read our first aid kit blog to make sure you have all of the proper safety items for your pet.
  12. Be sure to research where you will be traveling and have the phone numbers of veterinary and emergency hospitals along the way and at your final destination.