Blue Dog .001As we mentioned in an earlier post, kids are at a higher risk to be bitten by a dog.  Proper education is important to ensure that kids know and understand how to approach a dog and how to act around dogs.  One great source is The Blue Dog, a book about how to act around dogs.

Dog bites in young children usually occur during everyday activities and with a familiar dog to the family.  Kids unbeknownst to them usually initiate the dog bite because they are not educated on proper interactions with dogs.

Teach kids to be gentle … show your kids how to pet the dog gently so that they are not hurting the dog and making them anxious.  Do not let your child hit or squeeze the dog the instant pain may cause them to bite.

Approaching dogs with owners … Always teach your kids to approach the pet parent first to ask permission before petting the dog. If permission is given approach slowly, do not run towards the dog. Respecting a dog and the pet parents wishes is always number one.

Approaching dogs without owners … Never run away and scream this will worsen the situation. Try to stay calm and in a loud firm voice tell the dog to go home.  If the dog senses your dominance they will be more likely to go away.  The Blue Dog Parent Guide and CD is an education tool that helps kids and parents learn how to properly interact with dogs.

To learn more about Blue Dog you can visit the information through the AVMA or The Blue Dog.