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Splish Splash … if there is a puddle, pond, creek or just raining outside my Maggie, a Labrador retriever celebrates!!  She splashes through puddles on our walks and sticks her nose in the air to smell the rain.  Her favorite activity is retrieving sticks in the local creeks.  She is a true water dog.  It is no secret that some dogs just have an affection for water.  As a pet owner, we have the responsibility to embrace some of pet’s favorite activities.  If your dog loves water you might try some of these water sports for dogs.

Water Retrieval … Throw your pets favorite toy in the water and watch them retrieve it.  This is great for water loving dogs both young and old.  If you and your pet have a competitive edge you can participate or watch dock jumping competitions that focus on retrieval.

Surfing … If your dog is a proven swimmer and you love to catch some waves spend time teaching your dog to surf.  Although this is more prevalent on the west coast you could still enjoy some beach time with your pooch around here.  Check out this video that shows a dog surf class in San Diego.

Paddle boarding … Similar to surfing if your dog is a proven swimmer once they learn to balance on the board the will enjoy hours of fun with you on the water.

Free Style Swimming … Similar to people, pets have their own style of swimming.  Some like to jump right in while others take a less aggressive approach.  They have the natural ability to doggy paddle and enjoy swimming with you. Here is a list of pet friendly beaches.

Dog diving … For more advanced swimmers try dog diving.  Some pets really enjoy the challenge of finding and retrieving things under water.  This is a great pool activity for you and your pet.  You can purchase weighted diving toys online or in some pet stores.   Check out this dog diving boxer.

Dog jumping … These dogs are going for distance with dock jumping as one of the most popular aqua events.  These dogs are judged on speed, agility and the length of the jump.  The jump is measured from the dock’s edge to the dog’s nose.  These dogs are catching some big air jumping over 25 feet.  Here is the 2013 Purina Dog Jumping Event.

Boating … Dogs love to have the wind in their face to catch all of the great smells of the outdoors.  By your side on a boat can be a relaxing experiencing for both you and your pet. Water dogs come in all shapes and sizes.  Find out if your pooch is a water dog and enjoy some of these activities with them this summer.  Remember water safety is important for people and pets, so be sure to read our water safety blog before you get started.