Tired of having a flea problem? tired of fleas???

Why am I still seeing fleas? 

  • Small breaks in prevention, even during the winter can cause major problems.  On average fleas lay 50 eggs a day, so a few days or months late on prevention can mean 100’s to 1000’s of flea eggs being left to hatch.
  • Flea eggs can last for months in the environment. These eggs will wait to hatch until conditions are optimal, this can lead to hundreds of fleas hatching and laying eggs over a period of time.
  • Unprotected or stray pets roaming through your yard can leave trails of fleas or flea eggs that later infest your yard and home.
  • Once you see fleas on your pet there are already 100’s to 1000’s of eggs laid on your pet and in your home.  You will have to use prevention measures for 3 – 4 months to kill all of the life cycles of the flea and rid your home of the pests.