Question: Why Should I Crate Train My Dog?

Crate training is a great way to provide a sanctuary of sorts for your dog.  This “safe haven” is a useful tool in raising a healthy dog.  It is becomes their “space” where they can feel safe and secure and can help with overall training.

Crates come in all shapes, sizes and materials but when choosing a crate it must be large enough for your pet to stand up and turn around.  Keep the crate in an area that your family spends a lot of time, not an isolated area.  It is important that your pet has social time, exercise and the opportunity to eliminate before being placed into the crate.

The crate should include your pet’s favorite things like toys, bedding etc. but if you are training a new puppy be careful when selecting the bedding.  Puppies will be more likely to chew up bedding so select a bedding that is tightly woven.  If you will be gone more than 4 hours you will want to consider a dog walker or a larger dog pen for your pet.

Dogs are social animals so keep a CD or TV on to calm them down while you are away.  For more information on training your puppies or dogs pick up a “Crate Training – Creating Canine Heaven” brochure from our office. You can also visit AAHA Healthy Pet Network for more information on how to crate train your dog.