HomeAgain Mircochips has a special page dedicated on their website to the found pets.  It is important for us to celebrate with pet owners when they are relocated with their owners.  It is such a special time for both the pet and the pet owner.  Here is a link to the website if you would like to read more about reuniting pet owners.

The HomeAgain Microchip service has additional services available in their subscription service.  Here are the services that come with your activation fee.

  • 24/7 Pet Emergency Help … Your HomeAgain membership can help you provide emergency care when your beloved Cocker Spaniel has gobbled his way through a chocolate bar or when your sweet Siamese has tipped over the bathroom garbage and managed to eat some dental floss. These situations, and others, are what our pet Emergency Medical Hotline is trained to manage. We’ll coach you through the necessary pet emergency response protocol, so you can take the critical next steps to get your dog or cat out of potential life-threatening situation ASAP!
  • HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Database … Microchips are designed to last your pet’s entire lifetime. Once enrolled, they link to a permanent record of your owner information – which is important to keep up-to-date so you can be reached when your lost pet is found.  Your pet’s microchip ID code, just like your pet, is one of a kind. When your lost pet is taken to an animal shelter or veterinary clinic, they will scan your pet for a microchip and will read its unique code.
  • Pet Recovery from over 500 miles away … Lost pets can end up very far from home, and this happens more than you would think. Some lost cats and dogs have been recovered over a 1,000 miles away—safe, healthy, and missing their families! HomeAgain can make those long-distance reunions more feasible by helping you cover the pet travel fees necessary to fly your dog or cat back home.