Are you looking for a furry friend to keep you company or a special friend for your children but don’t want to take on a huge commitment? A cat maybe just the kind of animal you are looking for. There are many cat breed specific rescues that can help you find the purr-fect fuzzy friend. Many pure bred cats are also surrendered at local shelters.


By adopting a cat from a shelter or rescue you are:

  • saving a life.
  • helping with pet overpopulation.
  • saving money because the cost of adopting is much less than buying from a breeder or pet store.
  • getting a knowledgeable opinion from pet rescue staff on the best fit for you since all cats are assessed for the type of home they would fit best.

When thinking about adopting a cat, it is important to research what characteristics each breed is known for.  All cats are different, so it is important to spend time with any cat you are thinking about adopting to make sure you are the purr-fect friends for each other.  Here are some breeds and their characteristics that we most often see at Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital.

Orange Tiger (Domestic Shorthair): They are very loving and playful pets and often can be found to get into a bit of mischief around the house. Orange Tiger cats tend to attach to one person as their best friend/caregiver but are social with the whole family.

Gray Tiger (Domestic Shorthair): Gray Tiger cats are very gentle souls who enjoy showing complete devotion for their humans. They love to snuggle and can be found giving the extra love you need when you are feeling down.

Tuxedo Cats – Black and White (Domestic Shorthair): Tuxedo cats are very regal and love to explore their surrounds. They can often be found ruling over their humans from their spot of choice.

Siamese: They require attention!!! Siamese cats are 100 percent committed to building a relationship with you and will go out of their way to make sure you know you are their best friend. They are very vocal cats, opinionated and will let you know if you are ignoring then. When adopting a Siamese be prepared to commit the love and attention they need.

Main Coon: Main Coon cats are very social animals, enjoy the company of the family but are not needy. They are known to greet their humans and come when called and tend to be goofy.  They are playful, very intelligent and tend to not be lap cats but do like to be near you.

Persian: Persian cats are very sweet tempered cats that tend to lay back and be observers in your daily activities. They are dignified, docile and are most happy in a serene home where there is little change from day to day.

Himalayan: Himalayan cats are sweet, docile and quiet. Some describe them as ornamental in quality because of their enjoyment of sitting on their humans lap and being petted. They enjoy the company of children and will often play house with getting brushed and treated like a baby. They are committed to their humans and outsiders must gain their respect.

Cornish Rex: Cornish Rex cats are very active cats who like to get into things. They enjoy using their long legs to jump to unbelievable heights. They are devoted to their family and almost dog like between their devotion to family and are often know to retrieve thrown toys.

Russian Blue: Russian Blue cats are quiet and shy cats with delicate souls. Their feelings can easily be hurt. They enjoy quiet, stable environments. They do enjoy play but in their own time.

Remember when adopting a cat to do your research thoroughly. Every cat is different. I believe that cats make a great friend for everyone, as they are low maintenance, loving, and require little space. But then again, I am partial to cats seeing as I share my home with 8 of the adopted furry, funny, four-footed friends.

Meghan Burnell, AS
Veterinary Technician