Weight Loss Success!!

Rusty in June 2014 at 109 pounds. Rusty today at 89 pounds. We had the opportunity to ask one of our clients, Brad Derstine, to share his dog, Rusty's, weight loss success!! Here are Brad's answers to questions about his and Rusty's journey toward weight loss success and a healthier life. Q:  What’s Rusty’s story…..when [...]

The Skinny on Overweight Pets

Get the skinny on Overweight pets.  Fat pets are nothing to take lightly - this message was brought to you by VPI Pet Insurance. Obesity effects 52.5% of dogs and 58.3% of Cats in the United States.  That means that over half of the clients that come into your office are overweight One pig [...]

Fit and Fun in the New Year

The New Year is approaching and many people make the resolution to get healthier through diet, exercise, and eating healthy. This New Year's resolution doesn’t need to be just for us humans - now is the time for your pet to begin a new year with their best paw forward. Pet obesity is on the [...]

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