IMG_0498 Did you now that a small thing such as the bedding your pet uses can lead to a serious medical condition? This information is very important and is why Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital has an on-line date sheet that we ask that you fill out before your first visit. On your first visit you will be asked to fill out an exotic patient data sheet, which is available on the GVH website and we ask it to be filled out before your first visit. The exotic patient data sheet helps the doctor to be aware of housing conditions, food consumption, and daily activities just to name a few. It is important for the doctor to be aware of these aspects of you pets life because many health conditions can be traced back to improper housing or food consumption. It also can make the doctor aware of a situation that can lead to a health issue and the doctor can then better inform you of the best care for you exotic pet. By filling out the exotic patient data sheet before your first visit it will alleviate unnecessary time wasted filling out paperwork in the office and allows the doctor to review your patient’s history before your first visit.

During your fist visit you will be scheduled for a 30 minute appointment. This allows the doctor to examine you pet, perform any necessary testing or procedures, discuss their examination findings and discuss the best possible care for your pet. The appointment also allows time for you to ask questions and get to know the veterinarian and leads to a more calming environment for you and your pet to be examined in.

When bringing in your exotic pets if you have any concerns please feel free to discuss them with the Client Care specialist when making your appointment. Possible concerns maybe when the quietest time to schedule an appointment may be if your animal is noise sensitive. Another concern may be about keeping you animal warm if they are temperature sensitive. We are always happy for you to wait in your warm car to keep your pet comfortable and will happily come and get you when the doctor is ready to see you. The staff of Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital is always understanding of special situations when it come to exotic pets. We strive to make the experience for you and your exotic pet the most enjoyable possible.

Both doctors genuinely care about your pet and will take the extra time to make you and you pet feel comfortable and cared for at Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital.