Hi, my name is Toderick, the flea.  I wanted to share my story with you.  I have a rather large family of 1,050 close relatives and it’s growing!  We have a great home with lots of bedrooms and we are always well fed.  The home we live in has great carpets that many of my relatives love to sleep in.  I myself prefer the sofa since it is nice and soft and I can really bury myself in it.

One day my family and I were completely uprooted.  It came as such a shock to us.  Some members of my family preferred to sleep on the cat and dog in our home but suddenly they were gone.  Even the family members that lived on the sofa were gone.  I was away visiting relatives in the carpet when I realized what had happened.

I called an immediate family meeting!  I broke the news to my family that some our relatives were gone and we would probably never see them again.  Then I told them the inevitable.  Our food source was minimal and our comfy beds were gone.  We had to act fast and find a new place to live.

I had heard about another place right next door, The Jones’, that I could move my family.  We had to be careful though because this place was protected by Simparica.  However, we felt it was our only option so my family and I moved as quickly as we could and took up shelter next door.  We love it here but I think that my family is in trouble.  Our new babies are not growing up and the adults are dropping like fleas.  I might have under estimated this Simparica stuff.

 Side Note:    The Jones’ faithfully put Simparica on all their pets every month.  When Toderick and his family moved in they began putting it on all of their pets every 3 weeks when they noticed the fleas.  They were able to control their flea problem by using Simparica and other products to help with fleas in their environment.