Celebrate World Rabies Day on September 28th by getting the facts on rabies prevention and ensuring that you and your family are free from rabies.  We have a wealth of information on our website that shares facts about prevention and rabies in our communities.

Rabies is a preventable viral disease of mammals usually transmitted through the bite of a rabid animal. The vast majority of cases reported each year to occur in wild animals like raccoons, skunks, bats, and foxes.  The rabies virus infects the central nervous system, ultimately causing disease in the brain and death.  Once the symptoms of the disease are present it is almost always fatal.

Here at Gilbertsville Veterinary Hospital, we feel strongly about rabies prevention and immunizations.  Dr. Hanlon’s sister, Cathleen A. Hanlon, VMD, Ph.D., is one the world authorities on rabies and has been researching and studying the disease for more than 30 years.  Dr. Cathleen Hanlon was featured on the Weather Channel on a program called Virus Hunters.  Follow this link to see the video about the rabies virus.

Don’t forget to vaccinate your pets for rabies to prevent this fatal disease from affecting your family.

– Diane, Business Manager