Revolution.001Is Revolution Right for Your Dog?

Parasites are an annoying fact of life for our dogs.  Parasites can cause a range of problems, from bothersome scratching to more serious medical issues, such as infections and dangerous or even deadly diseases.  How dangerous these problems are depends on the type of parasite, the degree of infection or infestation, and your dog’s reaction to the parasite.

Most parasites that affect dogs pose no risk for humans.  However, a few parasites, like sarcoptic manage and mites, are zoonotic, meaning they can be transmitted from animals to humans.  Your veterinarian can recommend methods to prevent, treat or control many canine parasites to reduce the chance of human exposure and to keep your dog healthy.

How Can You Help Your Pet?

If you think your pet may have fleas, call us to help.  It’s important to remove fleas not only from your dog, but also eliminate them from your dog’s environment.  Revolution (selemectin) can be applied monthly to kill fleas and prevent flea eggs from hatching.  Revolution will help resolve infestations, and prevent flea infestations from occurring.  In addition, Revolution in clinical trials was shown to improve the signs associated with flea allergy dermatitis.

Once you have applied Revolution, adult fleas will be killed and flea reproduction will stop by preventing eggs from hatching.  Remember that the fleas you see on your dog are only a small percentage of the issue.  For an established flea infestation to be resolved, all of the stages of the infestation must be considered.  It may take several months for lifestages, including eggs, larvae and pupae to mature and be removed from the environment.  This can result in a small number of adult fleas being seen on your dog periodically as the environment stages are exhausted.  When the environmental flea population has been destroyed, the problem will end, but continue using Revolution to prevent a new flea infestation from beginning.

Preventing future infestations is far easier than treating (and having to deal with) a flea problem once the parasites are established on your pet and in your home.  Protect your pet and your family by keeping your dog on Revolution year-round.